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About Susan Davis

I first learned to sew in 7th grade Home Economics and was pleasantly surprised when the cotton pleated skirt I had sewn did not fall apart in my mother's wringer washer! I continued honing my skills using my mom's help and advice and her sturdy old Singer. After years of sewing most of my clothes, bedspreads,curtains, slip covers, etc., I eventually burned out and put my sewing machine in the back of the closet.

Although SE Michigan has many high-quality quilt shops, I am very drawn to working with recycled jeans, silk ties and men's shirts--I often combine them and love the effect. I am also fond of using found metal objects in my wall hangings.

In closing, I am blessed to have had a mother who taught and encouraged me and to have found Artistica who initially contracted me as a guest artist and in 2014 ago welcomed me as a partner.

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