The Great Lakes Soap Company

The Great Lakes Natural Soap Company make fantastic bath and body products. Their handcrafted cold-process soap is made using classic, artisan methods. Their unique custom-blended fragrances take you to amazing destinations through your sense of smell. Their soaps gently cleanse your skin without stripping your natural oils, leaving it clean, nourished and protected.

Sharon Czekala


Sharon Czekala established The Great Lakes Natural Soap Company in 2004 in the Great Lakes State. Inspired by her own travels, Sharon chose to go with what she knew – her home state.

Using that inspiration as the foundation for the business was an easy choice. Sharon has traveled to every corner of Michigan, and wants everyone to experience the state’s natural beauty as she does.

Sharon says, “Through our brand we hope to connect you to treasured places and Michigan memories. Maybe we’ll inspire your next trip. Or give you a way to share your treasured place with someone else.”